Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)


Following its accession in June 2005 to the WCO's SAFE framework of standards, the Moroccan Customs Administration set up a program for the approval of economic operators known as the "business categorization program". This program, officially launched in February 2006, and internationally recognized, allows candidate companies that pass a very rigorous audit, to benefit from the confidence of the administration and to obtain a package of customs facilities.

From a legal standpoint, the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) was supported by the Article 73 bis of the Moroccan Customs Code and its implementing texts. Companies can be categorized as A or B, the latter offering fewer advantages than the former.

In order to adapt the national operator approval program, in form and substance, to international standards in the field and to national legislation, it was decided in 2015 to abandon the designation "categorized company" to profit of Authorized Economic Operator;

The beneficiary companies obtain:
•   either the AEO status - Customs simplifications: which can be of category "A" or "B". The operator holding the AEO customs simplifications certificate or the AEO Customs Simplifications / Safety and Security certificate (full certificate) will be subject to fewer physical and documentary checks;
•   or the AEO status - Safety and Security: granted to AEOs - Category "A" Customs Simplifications, which apply the appropriate standards in terms of Security and Safety. The holder of the AEO Safety and Security certificate, or the AEO Customs Simplifications / Safety and Security certificate (full certificate), benefits from a reduced number of checks for the purposes of Safety and Security and - under certain conditions;

Espace Transit is since 2013 one of the few forwarding agents in Morocco to have obtained the AEO status - "Class A" Customs Simplifications.

Since 2018, Espace Transit is the only forwarder to have also obtained the AEO Safety and Security certification.